Free Action Surge Blueprint Workshop - Put Your Ideas Into Action
This free two hour workshop will give you the push and the plan you need to act on that idea, change, or new venture you've been wanting to make a reality.
The Action Surge Blueprint workshop has been facilitated for organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Penn State University, Drone Focus, ABB Group, and Emerging Prairie. We're fortunate to have the workshop back at Stacks for the third time, this time facilitated by Keith Willis.

Keith has more than 25 years of healthcare experience in the pharmaceutical industry where he honed his sales management and sales training skills with companies like Ciba Geigy, Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Pfizer and Otsuka America,  Inc. Throughout his career he has merged development of emerging leaders with high level business performance.

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The Action Surge Blueprint Workshop
How many times have you had an idea that you were really passionate about — one that you really believed was important? How many times have you waited until you had the perfect amount of time or the perfect environment or the perfect set of circumstances to act on that idea? How many times have your ideas vanished into thin air because those "perfect" opportunities never came?

No more.

We've been on a two-decade quest to find better ways to take action on our ideas — and share those strategies with others. In this workshop, you'll learn exactly how to harness the power of now to take action on your ideas. You'll learn how to alleviate anxiety, face your fears, and overcome overwhelm — all so you can bring your ideas to life.

Our rigorously tested Action Surge Blueprint incorporates elements of instructional design, social science, and adult learning theories. It's helped thousands of people just like you create a bias toward action to enhance their relationships, start new companies, earn millions of dollars, and improve their health-and ultimately lead the lives they dreamt about.

This framework has been perfected with sociologists, psychologists, and even drill sergeants to overcome the barriers that hold people back from taking action.

At the end of this session, every participant in the workshop will have a clear, specific action plan to be able to surge forward on their ideas. This action plan will include steps to take in the next 48 hours, 10 days, 30 days, and beyond. Most importantly, it will also include an accountability plan to ensure each participant remains accountable to making progress on their action plans.

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