- Do you want positive media coverage of your business?

- Do you have a newsworthy story that you’d like to share?

- When you get news coverage, do you know how to deal with the press and then use that news to reach potential customers?

DeeterUSA presents media relations training for executives and key staff members.

Our sessions are tailored to each audience’s objectives and specific message delivery needs. They include clearly identifying your audiences, refining your message, role-playing, and setting you at ease with reporters. Our interactive skills development programs prepare participants for working with the media. Best of all, they deliver results. Come to our interactive seminar at Stacks to maximize your media management skills and help capture positive news coverage for your organization.

Another side of positive media exposure is exposure on Search Engines. Media outlets are typically high authority resources from the perspective of Google and Bing. This does not happen by magic, however. In addition to the presentation by Deeter, Shawn Swaim will be sharing some tactics that can be used to get your new media coverage onto the first page of Google so you can see even more growth for your brand.


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Meet the Facilitators:

Bill Deeter

A marketing and communications professional with more than 40 years  of advertising, public relations/publicity, sales promotion and social media experience. I know news when I see it and I know how to create it when I don’t. More important perhaps, I know how to use communications to increase client sales and improve their profits.

Drew Deeter

A proven public relations, advertising, and applied communications professional and an integral member of the DeeterUSA team for more than 20 years, my role with the firm has positioned me to work closely and effectively within the marketing structure of our corporate clients' communications departments. This unique experience has afforded me the opportunity to develop a keen appreciation and understanding of both agency and corporate communications models.